Author: Prof. Manu Ampim

TOWARDS BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Moving Beyond the Limitations of the Lecture Model (revised 1996)

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TOWARDS BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Moving Beyond the Limitations of the Lecture Model

“Everyone interested in Africentrism should read this brilliant new book! Manu Ampim brings to the fore a provocative critique of a virtually universal practice on the part of Black scholars, i.e., use of the Lecture Model. According to the author, this technique, when employed to the exclusion of all other means of communication, is obsolete, expensive and unproductive. He offers the fruitful Workshop Model as an alternative for adult education and community development.”

LEGRAND CLEGG II, Esq., author and producer of the Clegg Series

“Manu Ampim’s book is a timely 21st century warning to our African-centered, lecturer-listener community, TO TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST THE THEFT, DESTRUCTION AND. PLUNDER OF THE NILE VALLEY NOW TAK.ING PLACE BEFORE OUR VERY EYES. The powerful message to our African-centered, sight-seer tourist majority — who repeatedly run to and fro to Kemet “just to dig the scene,” shop til you drop, eat til you flop — is to get serious. There is a war on! This war against white racist historical rape and plunder of Kemet is a call for the majority of African intellectual spectators to each become soldiers, defenders, rescuers, and protectors of our Nile Valley heritage.”

ANDERSON THOMPSON, professor, Center for Inner City Studies

“No movement can be victorious without actively engaging itself in critical reflection. In Towards Black Community Development, Bro. Ampim has offered the incontestable argument that the Lecture Model has reached its limit as an effective tool for African development. The fact that it’s the only visible written critique from within the Africentric Movement should raise numerous eyebrows and cause great alarm ·about the direction the Africentric lecturers/leaders are moving us in as we approach the 21st century. This work is an action manual dedicated to building and developing the Black community.”

LARVESTER GAITHER, editor & publisher of the Gaither Reporter



MANU AMPIM is a primary researcher and historian on African and African American history & culture. He is author of the publications, The Current Africentric Movement in the U.S. (1990), and Critical Issues, volume I (1992). He has also contributed several essays to Egypt: Child of Africa (1995).

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